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The College has state of-the-art facilities, well equipped Library, Computer Centre with dedicated Internet Facilites, Laboratories, Workshops, amenity facilities like Canteen, sport, play grounds, Hobby Centre and many more facilities like separate common rooms for boys and girls, public conveniences, recreation rooms etc.

Loading.. The college library is stocked with over 7500 volumes from the core field of Engineering and Technology. The spacious reading room of the library houses a varlety of journals, magazines and newspapers to broaden the outlook of students. The College runs a Book Bank facility for the students who can borrow books from the Book Bank for the whole academic year according to the rules framed for this purpose.

Computer Center
College has well-equipped computer lab, all equipped with the latest technology Computer and latest software. A11 computers are (Dual Core/Pentium) connected through internet. A11 the machines are connected in local area network (LAN) environment. The computer Center is equipped with latest operating systems like Window XP/2007, Windows NT, Novell NETWARE, UNIX, LINUX etc. with latest software's like ORACLE 8.X Visual basic etc. Loading..


A11 the laboratories of all Departments are well-equipped and have standard quality equipments / instruments / training kits / machineries as Per the norms. Regular efforts are made to keeP these labs in modern state at all times.


Transport Facility
Loading.. The College has its own buses to ply for sfudents form selected pickup points of the city upto the college campus & back. A11 these facilities are provided on payment on actual basis Seat reserve to each student.
1. Agra
2. Etmadpur
3. Tundla
4. Firozabad

Hostel Facilities
Separate Hostel Facilities for boys and girls with all modern infrastructural facilities and amenities are available for the students. Loading..

Other Facilities
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